Changing perspective is an effective
starting point to get out of a rut.

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In Europe, constellation work has been successfully applied in personal and organizational development for many years.

You may have heard of “family constellations”. Our Systemic Coaching Constellations go way beyond that.

a three-dimensional representation of an issue

Our unique Systemic Coaching Constellations provide a starting point to
1. Different Perspective_circle cropped

view your issue
from different and new perspectives

2. Uncover Dynamics_circle cropped

uncover (hidden) dynamics
and interdependencies in a system’s structure

3. Fresh Options_circle cropped

develop fresh options
to deal with those dynamics.

The approach is simple, yet powerful and solution-focused.


If you're curious and interested in discovering an unique approach to
4. Overcome blocks_circle cropped

a block on the way to your goal

5. Decision_circle cropped

a decision

6. Conflict_circle cropped

a conflict,

join us for an experiential Systemic Coaching Constellations workshop.

The maximum number of participants is 15. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

You’ll find the upcoming workshops in our calendar.


  1. A workshop participant provides an issue to work on.
  2. In a dialogue with the facilitator, the client briefly explains their issue and clarifies what they want the outcome of the constellation to be: greater clarity, help with a decision, ideas to solve an issue, etc.
  3. The client asks participants to represent the elements and structural aspects of their issue that were defined in the initial dialogue with the facilitator.
  4. The client places the representatives somewhere in the room, one after the other.
  5. The facilitator asks the representatives what kind of (physical or other) differences they have been experiencing since they have been placed in that particular spot. What they perceive physically and emotionally corresponds to the client’s internal image of their issue and often leads to new understandings. This process continues with a variety of careful and respectful suggestions by the facilitator and ends when there is a new balance in the system’s structure. This new balance typically comes with new ideas to solve the issue and other insights for the client.

Being a representative in a constellation or just watching it usually offers an impressive experience for the workshop participants.

The maximum number of participants is 15. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

Check out our FAQs for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Choose A Topic For This Workshop?

Every time a participant attends a SCC workshop, they get a point. Participants with the most points will be invited to address their topic in a constellation during that workshop.

Are Systemic Coaching Constellations identical with “Family Constellations” developed by Bert Hellinger?

You might have heard of “family constellation work” or simply “constellation work”; and maybe even have participated in such a workshop here in California. Family constellation work was developed in Germany by Bert Hellinger. His approach is very popular in many countries and is slowly making its way to the US.

While there is certainly a lot of potential in his approach, in Europe, many coaches, therapists, and consultants who work with constellations officially distance themselves from Hellinger’s work, and so do the creators of SySt® (Systemic Structural Constellations), Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd.

The Systemic Coaching Constellation approach is based on their SySt® methodology and is solution-focused and outcome-oriented.

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