Sylvia Kurpanek, J.D., M.Sc. +1 (650) 714-3420

Certification(s): LIMBIC COACHING Level 3,PALO ALTO COACHING Level 3

Specialization(s): Executive Coaching, Life Skill Coaching

About Me:
I love helping clients of all walks of life get unstuck and into the flow, overcome obstacles, handle challenges in their personal or professional lives, increase creativity and overall well-being, mentally prepare for, attain and sustain peak performance, and get where they want to be. In my work I’m applying a variety of methods to make sure I’m meeting every client’s unique requirements. My goal is to help clients use their mind to work for, rather than against, their best interest. I aim to provide optimal support for sustainable results in very few sessions, generally 1-5. Because people’s time is very precious, and I absolutely respect that.
435 S. California Ave, Suite A
Palo AltoCA94306
United States
Deutsch, English, Français, Español