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Our SYSTEMIC COACHING CONSTELLATIONS are based on methods Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd have been developing in Germany since 1989.

The German name for their approach is Systemische Strukturaufstellungen (SySt®), wich means Systemic Constellations of Structures.

SySt® is a systemic group simulation activity that aims at making internal images of clients’ issues visible on the outside in order to create a new balance based on respectful interventions.

The creators of SySt® explicitly distance themselves from Bert Hellinger’s work. They employ a clearly solution-focused and outcome-oriented approach.

The primary sources of SySt are:

  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Virginia Satir’s family reconstruction therapy
  • Solution-focused Brief Therapy by Inso Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer
  • Constellations work as developed by Thea Schönfelder, Ruth McClendon, Leslie B. Kadis.

At our office in Palo Alto, we offer SYSTEMIC COACHING CONSTELLATIONS Workshops for individuals. To attend, no previous experience is required.

As of 2020 we will offer certification training for coaches and counselors who want to offer SYSTEMIC COACHING CONSTELLATIONS workshops for their clients.

We also offer SYSTEMIC COACHING CONSTELLATIONS Workshops in organizations.