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Founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, California, the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching is the home of three unique Brief and Brain-Based Coaching methods:


At the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching, we have three primary passions:

Whether our individual clients are facing an obstacle or simply wish to enjoy life more, we’re happy to offer them exactly the kind of laser-focused support we would want for ourselves.

And, without a doubt, we’d choose brief, solution-focused support that’s provided just-in-time as well as being custom-tailored to our unique needs.

After all, life is simply too short to keep doing the same thing again and again expecting different results.

We teach our three Brief Brain-Based Coaching approaches to other coaches, therapists and sport psychologists who want to noticeably advance their practice.

Our hands-on trainings are outcome-oriented and fun.

We love sharing our experience in these innovative methods with accomplished colleagues by teaching them unique tools they can apply immediately with clients as well as in self-coaching.

Our teaching doesn’t just focus on theoretical information about the brain. Instead, we teach and demonstrate Brain-Based approaches on real issues.

Beyond the actual training classes, providing participants with supervision and ongoing support is very important to us.

Our third mission involves bringing the Brief Coaching approach to organizations which want their employees to benefit from coaching that’s custom-tailored to their unique needs and provided at just the right time.

We offer in-house training in Brain-Based methods for company coaches. Here, participants learn how to provide effective support whenever necessary – for instance to help employees handle conflicts, mentally prepare for peak performance, increase creativity, or accelerate transition times.

In our experience, in order to be impactful, coaching within organizations should focus on helping employees to:

  • meet the demands of increasingly challenging work environments in a brain-based way
  • create a work environment in which everyone can thrive and accomplish their own and the organization’s goals