We believe that taking a systemic
perspective is an incredibly powerful start
to successfully handle challenges and
changes within organizations.

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Systemic Coaching Constellations can be applied in organizations and allow a fascinating “three-dimensional representation” of a current situation.

Uncover (hidden) dynamics and interdependencies

Systemic Coaching Constellations in an organization provide well-proven strategies to help individuals, groups and teams to

  • improve their collaboration for an even better performance and to accomplish their goals
  • define the key components of a change process
  • evaluate overall consequences of a decision for individuals, teams, projects and organizations at all levels
  • uncover (hidden) dynamics and interdependencies – and develop solutions that are in line with the organization’s mission and purpose
  • get an idea on how products and campaigns are received with their target audiences and what to do to increase their success.

A solution-focused approach for the entire organization

Systemic Coaching Constellations are based on these principles:

  • Solution-focused communication is a powerful starting point to develop options that correspond to the organization’s values and goals.
  • Including the perspectives of different sections in an organization as well as clients’, suppliers’, distributors’, and competitors’ allows for the success of the complete system.

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