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At the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching,
we offer the efficient kind of support we would
want for ourselves in order to handle a challenge
or to increase overall well-being.


TRULY SLIM stands for
Trust, Respect, Understand, and
Love Yourself – and Simply Let It Manifest.
to help you get there.

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Discover new perspectives, ideas and solutions
in a Systemic Coaching Constellation.

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"I believe Brief Coaching will disrupt the
coaching industry by delivering profound and
lasting results in Single-Session engagements."

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We truly love helping clients get out of a rut and into the flow.

Our passion is to provide just the right amount of support.

That’s why we specialize in Single Session Coaching that is laser-focused on solutions.

We also enjoy teaching our methods to coaching colleagues and introduce Brief Coaching in organizations.

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Do you wish to enjoy life more or handle a challenge in your personal or professional environment …

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– and whatever you have done up until now has not really worked?

In 1-5 sessions, we’ll help you develop pinpoint solutions for prompt and lasting results.

Your time is precious, and we totally respect that. That’s why we offer exactly what we would want for ourselves – Brief Coaching for support in just the right amount, tailored to your unique needs, provided just-in-time.

After all, life is simply too short to stay stuck in a rut.

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in Three Unique Methods

As a life or executive coach, sport psychologist or therapist, are you curious about new trends in the field?

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In our hands-on and fun trainings, we love sharing our knowledge and expertise in three unique coaching methods with experienced colleagues.

We truly want participants to maximize their impact in coaching by providing just the right amount of support to meet their clients’ needs.

That’s why we go beyond theoretical knowledge about how the brain works – we teach proven Brain-Based techniques, step by step.

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in a World of Rapid Change

Do you want to offer coaching to even more employees while staying within your budget?

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We bring the Brief Coaching approach to organizations that want to offer just-in-time coaching to employees – for impactful results in just one or two sessions.

In our in-house training, corporate coaches learn unique Brain-Based coaching tools to effectively support employees grappling with changing roles and rising demands on their time and attention.

To us, corporate coaching should happen “on the correct floor of the brain.”

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