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Tapping – not as a dance but as a means to calm down alarm signals in your brain

Tapping is an important component that contributes to the effectiveness of the method. You have probably heard of some of the multiple tapping methods out there. The best known is…

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Muscle Response Testing – No more detours in a coaching session

One of the components of the method is a detailed Muscle Response Testing protocol. It allows practitioners to quickly identify what exactly needs to be addressed to help their client get where…

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Goal Setting part 3: How to frame a new behavior in a way that increases the odds that you actually end up taking the necessary steps

In my last article on Goal Setting (Part 2) I told you about how I started using the self-regulatory approach to better arrange my desk and office. A powerful motto…

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Goal setting part 2: How the image of an eagle helps me being better organized

In my last article on Goal Setting (Part 1), I invited you to try something new when creating a goal: rather than developing a typical outcome-focused goal, I suggested to…

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Goal setting part 1: How come we easily lose steam on our New Year’s resolutions and what to do instead

How are you or your clients doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Almost 6 months into the year, and the majority of people have either forgotten their resolutions or feel…

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What is the limbic system – and why is it so important to know how to speak its ‘language?’

Our limbic system, our emotional brain, is part of our mid brain. Its main functions include motivation, emotion, learning, and long-term memory. However, in order to successfully adapt in a desired way…

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