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TRULY SLIM was developed for people who
have yet to achieve LASTING results with
dieting or diet-inclusive programs.

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Most “weight loss” programs promote eating less (or differently) and exercising more.

If it really were that easy, wouldn’t everybody already have resolved their weight issue by now?

That's why we instead approach extra pounds from another angle.


Sustainable weight management requires eating what you really enjoy. Seriously.

Are you feeling stuck and tired of weight management approaches that one way or another make you

  • eat food you don’t really love
  • forgo food you truly like
  • feel guilty or inadequate when you enjoy something “forbidden”?

Have you started to doubt your level of willpower and discipline, and has your sense of self-esteem suffered as a result?


We know what you have been going through and understand your fears and blocks - and take them seriously.

Therefore, our TRULY SLIM program looks like this:

Our guess is that you probably have already experienced that these methods don’t work for you in the long run – and are rather making you feel bad when you “fall off the wagon.”

Instead, we’re offering a purely mental coaching approach to weight management that is grounded in our experience helping clients shed pounds for good.

Because, to us, getting and staying(!) slim really starts in your head.

Decide for yourself if this is for you.
TRULY SLIM is based on FOUR KEY STRATEGIES for sustainable weight management.
TRULY SLIM is based on FOUR KEY STRATEGIES for sustainable weight management.
Our FOUR KEY STRATEGIES complement each other and make for lasting results.


Stop doing what hasn't really worked to solve your weight issue long-term.

We think you deserve something that provides sustainable results. And in our experience, diets and other external eating guidelines clearly don’t.

Unfortunately, many people tend to blame themselves and their alleged lack of discipline when, after following a restrictive program, the pounds start creeping back. That’s why these approaches come at a high cost with regards to self-confidence and well-being.

Have you heard of the definition of insanity?

It’s doing the same thing again and again, hoping that this time it finally works out differently. From that perspective, probably all of us are a bit insane.

If you feel the time has come to step out of this “weight loss insanity loop” and you are ready to do something radically different, we are happy to provide effective support to help you accomplish your goals.


Integrate the eating and thinking patterns that naturally slim people live by, step by step.

Most naturally slim people don’t even know how they are doing it, but they are effortlessly and permanently slender without dieting or other eating guidelines.

Our goal is to help you adopt naturally slim people’s (subconscious) thinking and eating patterns that are so effective. Comparable to learning a foreign language, a new sport or a musical instrument, you can gradually integrate them until they become second nature.

Just as in other areas, it makes total sense to us to learn from people who are already where you want to be – and to employ their proven innate strategies for success.

Just like in other areas, to us, it makes total sense to learn from people who already are where you want to be – and employ their proven innate success strategies.


Discover and sustainably address your unique reasons for overeating and release those extra pounds for good.

We think that tackling the root cause of your tendency to overindulge and carry extra weight is crucial for long-term results; failing to do so seems a bit like covering the blinking symbol on a car dashboard with a sticker instead of taking the car to the garage.

In our experience, people’s underlying motives for overeating and holding on to a larger waistline are as unique as their fingerprints – and often have nothing to do with food or eating.

That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches and instead offer support custom-tailored to your individual needs.

We are here to help you

change that overeating habit in a sustainable way, truly respecting the good reasons you had for adopting it in the first place

develop new ways to fulfill your core needs and clearly enhance your overall well-being.


Use your emotional brain to handle emotions, adopt new habits and get where you want to be.

Over the years, we have discovered that mental preparation for peak performance has a lot in common with sustainable weight management – the secret to success can be found in our emotional brain.

But most of us simply have never learned how to make use of this powerful part of the brain to overcome obstacles and integrate more useful behavior patterns.

This is why we would rather approach your wish to shed pounds for good from a completely different angle that is in line with:

your emotional brain

your personal values

what truly motivates you.

What does this have to do with athletes?

You’ve probably heard of elite athletes who, to prepare mentally for peak performance, vividly imagine their perfect routine in every sensory detail. By utilizing visualization, self-talk and thinking patterns in a sharply goal-oriented way, they are clearly increasing the odds of actually turning what they mentally rehearse this way into reality.

With TRULY SLIM, we help you to actively employ this mental power, just like elite athletes and other top performers do, to get where you want to be.

After all, getting and staying (!) slim really starts in your head.
What Can TRULY SLIM® Do for You?
Learn More in this Free Case Study!
What Can TRULY SLIM® Do for You?
Learn More in this Free Case Study!


… in assimilating our Four Key Strategies into your life in your unique way. To accomplish this, we have your back and help you:

past setbacks and boost your self-esteem

Break free
from external eating guidelines and truly enjoy food

effective strategies to handle cravings, emotions, and stress that used to trigger over-eating

And what's in it for you?

Over the course of the TRULY SLIM program, you are building a strong foundation for shedding extra weight and keeping it off, step by step, really meeting your unique needs.

We deeply care about helping clients accomplish their goals and live the lives they want. That’s why, whenever the need arises, we’re happy to provide ongoing support in your process of overcoming any obstacle that up until now has kept you from staying slim.

Only you can decide if this is appealing to you. Contact us when you feel you are ready to start your TRULY SLIM journey.


Two one-day workshops for up to 10 participants in Palo Alto, CA.

For optimal results, we’re completing your TRULY SLIM journey with two individual coaching sessions (face to face in Palo Alto or via Skype).

Distance coaching via Skype for groups of up to 8 participants.

We carry this program out in 8 sessions of 2 hours each.

For optimal results, we’re completing your TRULY SLIM journey with two individual coaching sessions (face to face in Palo Alto or via Skype).


The investment is $1880.

You can enroll risk-free. If you don’t find value in the TRULY SLIM program after 3 hours of the first workshop, we will refund your fee fully.

For more information, scroll down and check our FAQs.
What Can You Accomplish with TRULY SLIM®?
Learn More in this Free eBook!
What Can You Accomplish with TRULY SLIM®?
Learn More in this Free eBook!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do “classical weight loss programs” usually fail to produce sustainable results?

Sad to say, with diets and other ways of restricting your food intake you can’t attain lasting results for three main reasons:

  1. These programs force you to live and eat by “external rules”.
    To find out why this is counterproductive, see FAQ 3-7
  2. Unfortunately, these well-meant attempts to change behaviors are not in alignment with how your brain works.
    To find out why having your emotional brain on board is key, see FAQ 8.
  3. “Classical” approaches don’t deal with your unique reasons that led to overeating in the first place.
    To find out why doing so is crucial for lasting results, see FAQ 9.

In our experience, repeating (or slightly changing) previous attempts to solve a weight issue that haven’t worked long-term, in hopes that this time they finally do, is completely understandable – but also pointless. That’s why in the TRULY SLIM program, we rather focus on what actually does provide sustainable results for many.

2. What does the TRULY SLIM approach offer instead?

HERE’S OUR GUIDING PHILOSOPHY: I) Stop doing what hasn’t worked long-term, II) deal with your underlying motives for overeating, III) learn how to use your emotional brain, IV) integrate the strategies of naturally slim people – and V) become one yourself.

No doubt, everyone can follow external eating guidelines for a while and thus reduce their weight. But only very few are able to keep that weight off so that the success ends up being just temporary – and everything starts all over again.

That’s why we instead teach clients – step by step – the thinking and behavior patterns of naturally slim people. Even though many naturally slim people can’t even consciously tell what it is that they are doing around food and eating that keeps them slender, they still know best how “being and staying naturally slim” really works.

The good news is that we can identify their subconscious thinking and behavior patterns and chunk them down into doable steps. You can gradually learn these patterns just like a foreign language, a new sport or a musical instrument and then transfer them into your life in your unique way – until you live by them just instinctively.

After all, doesn’t it make sense to employ the proven innate success strategies of people who already are where you want to be in a way that does you justice?

3. Why do external eating rules very easily start a vicious cycle?

Constantly controlling yourself around food and suppressing the desire to eat what you really want in order to stick to certain external rules or diets consumes a lot of energy and results in stress – which often triggers the desire to overeat. It’s a vicious cycle that is not easy to exit, but definitely possible to stop for good with a proven strategy.

Most people know that drastically lowering their calorie intake gets their body to slow down its metabolism to get more miles out of every calorie in an intelligent attempt to survive what their body perceives as famine.

Nevertheless, many people – understandably – continue hoping such a program will solve their weight issue, and so subject themselves to it.

But think about it: have you ever met anybody who has “lost weight” with a diet and kept the pounds off permanently without “white knuckle willpower” but rather with a relaxed and self-indulgent attitude towards food?

4. What important aspect do "classical" weight management programs typically disregard?

By their very nature, one-size-fit-all programs simply don’t take into account that every body is unique in the true sense of the word. After all, your body is not like a coffee machine that can be fixed by following the same instruction for all models of a series.

And unlike a coffee machine, you have a unique metabolism, particular food preferences and a personality – as well as individual reasons that got you to overeat and put on extra pounds in the first place. Also see FAQ 10.

5. Why is it normal to drop out of a “classical” weight management program?

With regards to eating restrictions and external rules, just think about them from this perspective: Who at the bottom of their heart wants to be told by anyone or any program what, when and how much to eat and what to forgo?

As children, most of us didn’t like parents or other adults telling us what to eat. Nevertheless, many continue putting themselves in situations that bear a strong resemblance to something they detested in childhood. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this doesn’t yield the desired results.

How would you react if in another context someone constantly interfered in your personal preferences, stipulating everything?

Would you be fine with others telling you what music to listen to, what shows to watch, what clothes to buy and wear and when to go to sleep?

In the last two decades we have grown used to the idea that we can tailor everything to our individual taste and make personal choices when it comes to music, movies, TV shows, and fashion.

Isn’t it appropriate to catch up and do the same with food and eating?

We think it’s time you live up to your uniqueness by taking your body seriously and letting its exceptional wisdom decide what you eat and how to exercise, thus creating a strong and reliable foundation for getting and staying slim.

If you consider it from this perspective, it’s not very surprising that you “drop off” a diet program at a certain point. Your intelligent mind-body system will only tolerate restrictions and external rules up to a certain degree until it bounces back in what actually is a healthy response to get back into balance.


On a side note we would like to mention that the diet industry is probably the only industry that can continue making false promises and blame the customer and their presumed lack of willpower for the faulty product when the program does not provide the promised results.

Dieters are made to believe that not being able to “lose weight” is their fault, and, sadly, many readily accept the blame. They end up paying a high price in terms of quality of life and sense of self-esteem. This has been truly upsetting us for years.

6. Why is it crucial to proactively get off Heavy People Thinking?

Upon hearing that one goal in the TRULY SLIM approach is learning how to let only your body and hunger guide your eating, some people’s first response is fear that without external rules their eating would find no natural brake and they would put on even more weight. That’s not surprising, and we totally understand that to many this idea can seem outright scary.

We rather see this as a “weight issue vicious cycle.” Here’s why: Most people tend to overeat because they have either never developed or, at a certain point, lost their own sense of autonomy around food.

Hence, to many, external rules understandably provide a sense of safety.

At TRULY SLIM, we call this “Heavy People Thinking”, by which we mean the compilation of rules that people with a weight issue:

  • have adopted years ago
  • constantly expand with what media reports on
  • carefully base their food choices on
  • believe in (and try hard to live by in hopes of “losing weight”)

These external rules are a double-edged sword. They lead to categorizing food as either “good / allowed” or “bad / forbidden”, but most dieters end up finding it next to impossible to live by these dogmas in the long run.

Promoting self-loathing any time they are violated, these programs rapidly damage their adherents’ self-worth and quality of life – which triggers overeating again. That’s why, in our view, Heavy People Thinking can easily keep people stuck in their “weight issue vicious cycle” forever.

After all, if those rules worked, people following them would have overcome their weight issue for good a long time ago, right?

To naturally slim people, these external eating guidelines make absolutely no sense. For them, all types of food are allowed. They decide what to eat by tuning in to their bodies and checking what would feel best – and then really savor that food. To them, eating is a source of pleasure and never of stress. This relaxed relationship with food is what we call Naturally Slim People Thinking; it is the foundation of the TRULY SLIM program.

While the approach is simple, it is not necessarily easy at the beginning. That’s why we are happy to help you

  • integrate Naturally Slim People Thinking, step by step
  • take charge of eating in alignment with your unique body’s needs.

In our experience, breaking free from external rules by replacing Heavy People Thinking by with Naturally Slim People Thinking is a powerful first step to

  • exit the “weight issue vicious cycle”
  • develop your autonomy around food and truly enjoy it
  • get and stay(!) naturally slim.

After all, your actions follow your thoughts. That’s why we’re convinced that getting and staying slim starts in your head.

7. Is there a practical analogy for adopting Naturally Slim People Thinking?

Imagine a house whose old roof has leaks in different spots. Here’s what the owner can typically do:

A) he can patch up each leak and enjoy the results until it’s raining through again and a spot needs yet another fix;

B) he can replace the complete roof and repair the structure that led to the leaks in different spots in the first place.

That’s just like the difference between A) practicing Heavy People Thinking and short-term fixes via repeated dieting versus B) integrating Naturally Slim People Thinking as a solid foundation for getting permanently slim.

While option B initially requires more work, time and a larger financial investment than option A, its long-term solution clearly pays off over time.

The choice is up to you.

8. What does successful weight management have to do with your brain?


This might sound a bit provocative, but here’s what we’re actually referring to: Another reason why external eating rules and food restrictions generally don’t provide long-term success is that they don’t take into account how our brains work when it comes to adopting new habits.


Most “classical” weight loss programs are one-size-fits-all approaches based on logic. Logic is dealt with in our rational thinking brain, our cortex.

But it’s our limbic system (our emotional brain) that decides what we end up doing -and eating. This comes with a catch: Whatever our limbic system perceives to be stressful or unpleasant (such as external eating guidelines that work well for our cortex) often remains just a good idea that is not necessarily put into practice.

Hence having our emotional brain on board is key for new habits and sustainable results.

But as our limbic system is only minimally accessible through logic and rationale, we should address it differently – namely in a brain-based way.

That’s why in the TRULY SLIM program, you’re learning, step by step, how to apply guided imagery and self-hypnosis to integrate naturally slim people’s thinking and eating patterns. With these approaches you can optimally support your emotional brain in realizing the unique development you desire.

In our individual coaching sessions, we’re addressing your unique stress-triggers and the connected emotions head-on so that you can really overcome slights, setbacks and whatever might have made your self-esteem fragile in the first place.

This is how you’re gradually building a strong foundation for shedding extra pounds and keeping them off.

9. Why is it important to identify and address your unique reason for overeating?

In our view, failing to address the root causes of someone’s tendency to overeat is like taking pain medication for years to deal with a toothache rather than having an easy dental treatment that would get rid of the pain forever.

The underlying motives that drive people to overindulge are as unique as their fingerprints and typically have little to do with food or eating.

Many developed that habit in an involuntary attempt to deal with something that seemed very challenging at a given moment. It’s possible that this need to handle an issue is no longer relevant, so that overeating and extra weight have simply turned into a habit that comes at a very high price. In this case, our goal is to help you change that habit in a respectful and sustainable way.

But it’s also possible that overeating and extra pounds are still serving a purpose. Here, we assist you in carefully developing other options to fulfill this need in a way that is more in alignment with who you really are and that comes at a much lower cost.

In our individual coaching sessions of the TRULY SLIM program we provide a safe setting to carefully identify and successfully address any underlying motive that has driven you to overeat up until now.

Because, in our experience, this is crucial to release extra weight for good.

10. There are so many different programs out there, and they all have a point. How can the TRULY SLIM approach make a difference for me?

Yes, indeed, there is an endless number of programs and so many promises out there. It’s wise to be skeptical.

Here’s what we have to offer:

During your TRULY SLIM journey, you will learn to listen to, trust, and live by your unique body signals while fully enjoying food – exactly the way naturally slim people do.

You will acquire a variety of brain-based tools, guided imagery and self-hypnosis that you can apply on your own to support your desired transformation.

You will detect and address your personal reasons for overeating in a very safe setting.

You will have reliable support in overcoming slights, setbacks and other incidents that might have put a dent into your self-esteem.

You will absorb powerful methods to address your individual stress triggers in a sustainable way and keep emotional balance.

During your TRULY SLIM journey we offer support that is custom-tailored to your unique needs and that really does justice to who you are and what motivates you.

Step by step you are building a strong foundation for shedding extra pounds and keeping them off.

11. Is the TRULY SLIM approach for you? Check for yourself.


  • You have tried a variety of reduction diets and slimming programs and lost weight, only to put it all back on again – and possibly even more.
  • Over the years, you have trained yourself to eat food that you don’t even enjoy because it is considered to be healthy and promises to help you lose weight while forgoing the foods you really like. And yet, the extra weight is staying put.
  • You feel well informed about “balanced” and “healthy” eating but can’t get this knowledge into practice because you are getting tripped up by old (emotional) eating behaviors.
  • You define yourself as “emotional eater” and use food to overcome stress, frustration or deal with other unpleasant emotional states.
  • You continuously count and calculate the calories you have taken in with food and burnt in exercising, and yet making only minimal progress in your weight goals while feeling trapped in a rigid way of thinking and living.
  • You feel guilty and weak about being “addicted to sugar / carbs (often described as “more addictive than cocaine”) / other things” and confused by other contradicting information on food you’re getting from different sources.
  • You blame yourself for your “lack of willpower” or discipline around food even though you have no problem applying those qualities in other areas of your life.
  • You have developed a fragile sense of self-esteem as a result of one or more points mentioned above.

12. Are you ready to do something totally different? Check for yourself.

If you have already experienced that restricting your food intake and eating by external rules doesn’t get you the long-term results you want and deserve, check for yourself:

Are you ready to do something completely different and integrate the thinking, behavioral and eating patterns of naturally slim people?

Only you can decide if this concept makes sense to you and if the time has come to do something new.


  • You feel ready to exit the “weight issue vicious cycle” by proactively quitting Heavy People Thinking and replacing it with Naturally Slim People Thinking
  • You wish to make self-determined food choices and truly enjoy what you eat
  • You feel the time has come to adopt proven strategies to handle c