In our experience, people can
overcome obstacles quickly
when they have the right
kind of support.


We truly understand your doubts and fears.
That’s why we provide customized support
to help you gradually overcome any obstacle
that has kept you from getting and staying (!) slim.


Systemic Coaching Constellation workshops are experiential.
The approach is simple, yet powerful and outcome-oriented.

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We love to support clients with coaching aimed at many different goals, from increasing overall well-being and creativity, to mental preparation for peak performance, all the way to sustainable weight management.

Your time is valuable. And our mission is to provide support in just the right amount that’s custom-tailored to your unique situation. Because we want you using your mind to work for, rather than against, your best interest and accomplish your goals.

Life is way too precious to be spent at a standstill. We are happy to help you move forward.

Here’s what characterizes our Single Session Coaching with the LIMBIC COACHING approach:

  • Quantity does not necessarily equal quality – and often, less is more.
  • For our coaching to be successful, it is not necessary that you talk about your issue in detail, let alone bare your soul.
  • We support you in harnessing your mental self-management skills to get where you want to be.

Depending on where you’re located, we offer face-to-face sessions in Palo Alto, CA and via Skype.

We think there’s simply no point in endlessly repeating strategies to solve your weight issue, hoping that this time they finally provide lasting results.

 You deserve something that actually does.

 Our purely mental TRULY SLIM approach is based on FOUR KEY STRATEGIES:

  • Stop doing what hasn’t worked long-term to slim down your waistline.
  • Learn how to employ your emotional brain to get where you want to be.
  • Model naturally slim people’s success strategies.
  • Detect and sustainably address your unique reasons for overeating and shed those extra pounds for good.

We can sincerely relate to your challenges and doubts – and are happy to provide our best possible support.

In our experience, changing perspective is a powerful first step towards getting out of a rut.

If thinking or talking about an issue hasn’t provided a satisfying solution, if you’re feeling stuck and things don’t seem to move, we’re inviting you to try something different.

Our Systemic Coaching Constellations are experiential and based these values:

  • Uncovering (hidden) dynamics behind an issue and developing new options to deal with them allow for sustainable results.
  • The main focus of a constellation is what you want to accomplish.
  • Solutions that incorporate different perspectives make it easier to take action.

Please check our calendar for upcoming Systemic Coaching Constellations workshops.

Contact us now to check if we are a good match.

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