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Sometimes you want fast and
succinct support to increase your
well-being or to handle an obstacle.

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It happens to all of us – something in your personal or professional environment simply doesn’t go the way you want it to.

When the stuff hits the fan…

... we're here to support you with BRIEF or SINGLE SESSION COACHING with the LIMBIC COACHING method.

Sometimes life seems to be throwing lemons at you in the form of

  • setbacks / defeats
  • slights
  • conflicts
  • challenges
  • other difficult circumstances.

We’re happy to help you tackle that issue and get it out of your way.


Does any of the following sound familiar?

You would like to increase your

  • joy of life
  • creativity
  • stress-resilience
  • overall well-being.

Maybe you already know what you should do next, but something is holding you back.

Or you feel stuck, or are experiencing stagnation, and wish to finally move ahead.

You wish to attain and sustain peak performance in

  • your professional environment
  • academics
  • sports
  • arts.

Or you have already had coaching and would like some support to transfer the results into your life.

In our experience, most people reach the limit of their belief well before they reach the limit of their talent, skills, and opportunities.

We think this is too bad. That’s why our custom-tailored coaching focuses on how you can employ your mind to work FOR, rather than against, your best interest.

Sometimes, one is enough …

... to get the desired results.

Our mission is to assist you in employing your mind in a laser-focused way to overcome whatever has been in your way – and fully enjoy your life.

We aim to help you accomplish this in a single session.

Depending on your goal, we might schedule a couple of follow-ups.

However, if you want more support, our door is always open for you.

Schedule a brief conversation to check for yourself if we are a good match.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes this type of coaching unique?

For our Brief Coaching to be successful, it’s not necessary for you to talk about your issue in detail, let alone bare your soul.

Instead, we help you accomplish prompt results by combining well-proven approaches from

  • brain research
  • sports psychology
  • executive coaching.

Our goal is to help you enjoy

  • strong inner balance
  • increased life enjoyment, overall well-being, creativity
  • optimal access to your skills whenever you need them.

Only you can decide if you want to address what’s bothering you and then get where you want to be, as well as whether the moment is right for taking action.

2. How can Single Session Coaching provide a key for handling a challenge?

When confronted with any kind of challenge in your personal or professional environment, you traditionally have two choices to approach what’s impeding your wellbeing:

  1. You trust that things will sort themselves out – and do nothing.
  2. You take some type of action to deal with the challenge:
    • You try to change or influence something.
    • You talk to someone you trust, maybe asking for advice.

If this works out – great!

In case one or both actions haven’t worked out the way you had hoped for we’re offering you a 3rd option – Single Session Coaching with our LIMBIC COACHING method.

Here, our goal is to help you use your self-management skills in order for you to achieve the best possible mental state.

Also, if you’re facing something coming up shortly and need prompt and tangible results, our succinct coaching provides hands-on support.

3. When you're hungry, do you want an eight-course meal or a gourmet sandwich?

Coaching usually refers to a long-term cooperation, generally six to nine months, to support clients in accomplishing goals or fulfilling their potential. And this wonderful service has already helped many get where they want to be.

We like to compare classical coaching to an eight-course meal with perfect wine pairing.

  • It’s a special treat.
  • It requires time and planning.
  • It is cost intensive – but definitely worth it.

But sometimes, when you’re hungry, all you need and want is a gourmet sandwich with artisan ingredients, an organic salad and a smoothie – something affordable that

  • provides excellent quality
  • is served fast
  • meets your current needs right then and there.

That’s just what we offer with Single Session Coaching and the LIMBIC COACHING approach whenever life is throwing you a curve ball.

4. Is Single-Session Coaching for you?


You wish to boost your

  • overall well-being
  • life enjoyment
  • creativity
  • stress-resilience.

You’re feeling

  • overwhelmed by responsibilities, demanding projects, and pressure
  • like an impostor, constantly afraid of being found out
  • stuck in a rut in some area in your life
  • like there is a hurdle in front of you, blocking your way, and you simply can’t jump over it.

You wish to mentally prepare for peak performance for

  • a negotiation
  • a presentation
  • an interview
  • a business pitch
  • an athletic performance
  • an exam
  • an audition.

Our goal is to help you apply your mental skills in a targeted way to tackle these issues for prompt and lasting results.

We provide just the right amount of support, tailored to your individual needs.

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25mar(mar 25)10:00 am28(mar 28)4:00 pmPALO ALTO COACHING Zertifizierungskurs, München, 25.-28. März 2021INNOVATIVES GEHIRNGERECHTES KURRZEIT-COACHING FÜR SCHNELLE UND DAUERHAFTE RESULTATEMunich, Germany Event Organized By: Sylvia Kurpanek Investment: € 2480 zzgl. MwSt; Frühbucherpreis bis zum 14. Januar 2021: € 2180 zzgl. MwSt; Gruppenrabatt: Melden Sie sich mit einem Kollegen / einer Kollegin gemeinsam an und sparen Sie jede/r € 200 (bei rechtzeitiger Anmeldung zusätzlich zum Frühbucherpreis).

23sep(sep 23)9:00 am264:00 pmTRULY SLIM Program Instructor Certification TrainingHelp clients get and stay (!) slim with FOUR KEY STRATEGIES.Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching Event Organized By: Sylvia Kurpanek Investment: $4,350; $3,850 Early Registration Fee by July 15, 2021; Special Offer for the LIMBIC COACHING Certification Training & TRULY SLIM Instructor Certification Training: $5750 To qualify for this special offer, the TRULY SLIM Facilitator Training needs to be taken within 9 months after successful completion of the LIMBIC COACHING Certification Training.  

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