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In our experience, going beyond cognitive approaches
and rather working “on the correct floor of the brain”
is crucial for impactful results in coaching.
The LIMBIC COACHING method does exactly that.


Help your employees approach their wish
to get and stay (!) slim in a completely
different and very effective way.

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Shed light on complex systems within an organization,
discover the dynamics, AND DEVELOP SOLUTIONS.

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It’s our passion to bring our expertise in Single Session Coaching and other unique Brain-Based approaches to organizations.

In our view, internal coaching and training in their “classical” form no longer cover all areas in which employees can benefit from effective support. We’re happy to help you close that gap.

LIMBIC COACHING is a Brain-Based method for Brief and Single Session Coaching and an ideal approach to help employees to

  • enhance their mental self-management skills
  • prepare for changes of role and accelerate transition time
  • increase stress-resilience, creativity, and motivation.

LIMBIC COACHING perfectly complements “classical” long-term coaching engagements and meets employees’ needs for just-in-time support.

TRULY SLIM is a unique and purely mental approach to weight management and helps clients to

  • exit the diet vicious cycle and take back autonomy over their eating
  • adopt the thinking and eating patterns of naturally slim people
  • increase their overall well-being.

The TRULY SLIM corporate program is an in-house workshop that complements organizations’ wellness coaching programs.

Constellations can be very helpful in organizational contexts. They are outcome-oriented and ideal tohelp employees and teams

  • overcome blocks and stagnation
  • increase team cohesion
  • prepare for changes in the organization.

Systemic Coaching Constellations are an innovative group simulation tool and can be carried out content-free to assure confidentiality.

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