Wind And Leaves 20:35 (to Process Stress And To Enhance Resourceful Emotional States)

Wind and Leaves 20:35 (to process stress and to enhance resourceful emotional states)


The “Wind and Leaves” audio program is part of the LIMBIC COACHING Brief Coaching approach.

Instruction for Self-Coaching with Track 1 – Wind and Leaves

I. Decrease Stress

  1. Identify the stress you want to decrease – something that just happened in your professional or personal life, something that’s coming up, or something that generally gives you a bad feeling when thinking of it.
  2. Now check for yourself: In what area of your body is this stress manifesting? Stress often manifests in the form of tension or pressure in shoulders, chest, stomach, hands or other areas.
  3. Rate the level of stress you’re currently experiencing when thinking of that issue and feeling that stress manifesting in your body on a scale from 1-10 (10 meaning that the issue has been solved completely, 1 the opposite).
  4. Start listening to the Wind and Leaves track and continue for 2 to 20 minutes. At the beginning, focus on the issue and the area where the stress is manifesting in your body. Be open for surprises how the way you relate to things might change.
  5. Check again how the area in your body where the stress manifested before is feeling now.

II. Increase resources

  1. Identify a resourceful state you want to intensify. This can be a memory of something that went very well in your professional or personal life – or the way you want to be feeling when things go the way you want them to.
  2. Check where in your body and how exactly that pleasant memory is manifesting. This can be a slight tingling in your chest or arms, a particular posture, a way of breathing.
  3. Focus on this emotional state and the way it’s manifesting in your body and start listening to the Wind and Leaves track and continue for 2 to 20 minutes until it feels just right.

Please use stereo headphones and don’t listen to this program while driving or operating machinery.