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Muscle Response Testing – No More Detours In A Coaching Session

One of the components of the LIMBIC COACHING method is a detailed Muscle Response Testing protocol. It allows practitioners to quickly identify what exactly needs to be addressed to help their client get where they want to be  ̶  head-on and without any detours.

During many years of practice, I constantly fine-tuned this protocol by identifying and combining what worked best with my clients. With the help of the Muscle Response Test, the client and I can rapidly detect the underlying root cause of the client’s issue. These are often little details in the client’s professional or personal life that they typically have never before connected as the trigger for a block or obstacle in a current situation. These experiences normally go way beyond the client’s conscious awareness.

But once they are detected with the help of the Muscle Response Test, they can be addressed easily and without having to talk about them in detail.

This has a variety of advantages: the test not only saves time, it also keeps the client from entering an emotional downward spiral, which, for many, is being triggered when explaining a current issue, often for the umpteenth time.

Why do past experiences trigger involuntary blocks in current situations? It can all be explained with the power of our non-conscious and involuntary responses.

Keeping us alive is our brain’s the most important task. To accomplish this, it constantly compares all incoming stimuli with what we have already experienced earlier in life. Once something is perceived as even remotely similar, our emotional brain triggers an alarm and causes us to prepare to run away or defend ourselves from a perceived danger. Becauses our otherwise so sophisticated brain has not really changed too much over the past 10,000 years.

This is why our system responds to a humiliating situation at work the same way as it would to a threatening saber-tooth tiger. The downside of this is that preparing to run away or defend ourselves involves sending more blood to our extremities and switching off every function that is not directly related to our survival – and our rational thinking abilities being one of them.

It’s obvious that this can easily lead to challenges in our daily lives.

By applying muscle response testing it’s easy to identify what exactly a challenge consists of. After all, clients’ verbal explanations of the issue come from our cortex, our rational thinking brain. But – this is not the part in our brain that decides what we end up doing. So why rely on information that’s delivered by a part of the brain that has very little say in actual actions?

In my experience, Muscle Response Testing is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with the limbic system and detect what exactly needs to be addressed in order for a client to accomplish their goal.

Sylvia Kurpanek

I love helping clients of all walks of life
• get unstuck and into the flow
• overcome obstacles
• handle challenges in their personal or professional lives
• increase creativity and overall well-being
• mentally prepare for, attain and sustain peak performance
• get where they want to be.
In my work I’m applying a variety of methods to make sure I’m meeting every client’s unique requirements.

It’s my goal to help clients use their mind to work for, rather than against, their best interest. I aim to provide optimal support in very few sessions, generally 1-5. Because people’s time is very precious, and I absolutely respect that.

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