This new scientifically founded approach is based on the Limbic Coaching method and works with the emotional brain to help clients shed pounds naturally and effectively – not just temporarily but permanently.

Many clients are frustrated from previous failed attempts to lose weight and keep it off using traditional weight loss programs. Truly Slim offers them an effective way to end the vicious diet cycle.

Clients will literally reprogram their brain with this innovative method that integrates the latest findings of brain research. They learn how to think, live, and eat like a naturally slim person. 

They are able to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger and practice a new approach to dealing with emotions that once triggered overeating.

This method by the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching directly integrates the brain’s processing mechanisms into the coaching, hence the changes can be assimilated permanently. Clients soon notice their eating habits begin to change naturally and they start (re-)building a positive relationship with their body.